God Grant It All Works Out

Chekhov’s masterpiece on desire reduced to its perverse essence: two men in a purgatory of longing, wearing elaborate wedding gowns, hysterically engaged with their fears and fantasies, waiting for a future which never arrives. A heartfelt butoh-clown spectacle, largely disposing of plot and character to focus instead on a literal (not imaginary) event of bodies, emotion and space.

Adapted from Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, by way of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.


Available for production


60 minutes

Production History

2013 Dixon Place
2012 Center for Performance Research, Works in Progress (Act I)
2012 Theaterlab, Butoh and Beyond (Act I)
2011 The Compound, Grow Da Zain (Acts I & II)
2008 Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder International Fringe Festival (45 minute version)
2007 Locus, Succulent Festival (10 minute version)


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Created By

Taavo Smith & Benjamin Stuber

Directed By

Jeremy Williams

Designed By

Benjamin Stuber


Taavo Smith & Benjamin Stuber

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