Vanya / Uncle Vodka

Vanya always thought if he worked hard enough, one day he’d be happy. That day however never came, and now he is old and alone. All that’s left is memory, a single bottle of champagne, and a gun. Today is the day it ends.

A play about failure, adapted from Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya by way of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame.

In Uncle Vodka, Vanya, Sonya, and Serebryakov are stuck in a small room at the end of things, with nothing to occupy their time but narcotics, chit-chat, grief, and rage. The play can’t end until somebody dies.

Uncle Vodka was developed in residence with Mabou Mines/SUITE.


Vanya: Available for production
Uncle Vodka: In development


Vanya: 30 minutes
Uncle Vodka: 60 minutes+

Production History

2010 Vanya showing at Salem State University, Salem, MA.
2010 Uncle Vodka showing at ToRoNaDa, Mabou Mines/SUITE, NYC.




Created By

Taavo Smith (Uncle Vodka: Taavo Smith with Kyra Bowman, Benjamin Stuber and Jeremy Williams)

Directed By

Jeremy Williams

Designed By

Benjamin Stuber


Taavo Smith (Uncle Vodka: Kyra Bowman, Benjamin Stuber, and Taavo Smith)

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