Adaptation / Physical Playwrighting

An introduction to a bottom-up, sourced approach to playwrighting.


Start somewhere, and use anything: fiction, non-fiction, plays, paintings, music, film, the human body, objects, space, time, and the imagination. Immerse yourself, and then follow your own sense of delight to transform, distill, and transcend your material.


Find your play with trial and error, and let the stage tell you where to go. Put your ideas in dialogue with the reality of the stage, and your text in dialogue with all the other elements of the theatre—design, performance, staging et al. Work from nothing to something, and something to something else, until you’ve got a play that works.

Participants will interrogate sources, create material, work with critique to discover what they’ve made, and encounter strategies to compose and revise skillfully. For playwrights, directors, choreographers, designers, performance artists, and anyone else working creatively in performance.

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WorkshopsAdaptation / Physical Playwrighting